Thursday, August 28, 2008

VBScript in Loadscript and Module

The language used in both the QlikView loadscript and in the module code (macros) is modified VBScript. You can easily find information about VBScript commands and syntax through Google. For example, to find information about msgbox prompts and syntax enter this in Google:
vbscript tutorial msgbox


IdahoBKG said...

How can I check the return value of MsgBox in a macro so that I can exit the macro if the user clicks "Cancel"?

-TB said...

answer=MsgBox("Hello everyone!",vbOKCancel,"Example")
If answer=vbCancel then
Exit Sub
End if

-TB said...

There's a ton of VBScript info on the Internet. For a question like this just go to Google and type in vscript tutorial msgbox

Sonia said...

Thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge.