Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More you can do with Partial Reload

See the previous posting about removing tables. In the same way that you can enter a Drop Table command to remove a QlikView table from an existing report, you can enter these commands which will affect the existing report already loaded with data:
  • To remove a field from every QlikView table in which it appears, enter Drop Column;
    For example, for privacy reasons you might want to get rid of social security number data in your report before sharing it with your team. You might enter:
    Drop Field Customer_SSN;

  • To remove a field from specific table(s), for example, you might enter:
    Drop Fields Customer_Name, Customer_SSN from CUST_MSTR_TABLE, ORDER_HDR_TBL;

  • To change the name of a column or field in every table in which it appears enter Rename Field; (remember that the field names are how QlikView relates or "joins" the tables together so this one affects that table relationship).
    For example, you might enter:
    Rename Field domestic_custno to North_America_Customer;

  • You can change the name of an existing table. For example, you might enter:
    Rename table domestic_sales to North_America_Sales;

All of these commands can also be used in the loadscript during a normal load but they can be especially useful for fixing issues when used with an existing report that is already loaded with data. Remember to put them at the top of the loadscript, add an Exit Script; command and then execute the commands with the Partial Reload. The rename commands can be used with a mapping table if you think you might need more powerful renaming capabilities. Refer to the Help Text or Reference Manual for info about how to use a mapping table for renaming fields and tables.

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