Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The best thing about Bookmarks

Many QlikView users don't make much use of the Bookmark feature. The Bookmark feature lets you save your current selections and give it a name so that you can easily recreate those selections later.

I have found the most useful part of bookmarks is that they can be exported as a little file. Then the little file can be imported back in to the report tomorrow or it can be imported into a different report. We have quite a few reports that include the field name, ITEM, which is a product identifier. Quite often, I have a selection of several ITEM values from one report that I'd like to see as a selection in a different report. I can just make a bookmark, export the bookmark, and then import the bookmark file into a different report and have those same ITEM values selected. If there are any field selections from the first report that don't make sense in the second report because the fields so not exist they are just ignored.

Sometimes a co-worker will send me a spreadsheet of data that requires further analysis. I can quickly import that spreadsheet into a new temporary QlikView report, select the ITEM values to be investigated, make a bookmark and export it. Now, I can import that bookmark file into one of our comprehensive QlikView reports and review data for the ITEM values from the spreadsheet.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tim Benoit.

In first, thank you for your explain about Bookmark. I was looking for something like this. But I have a doubt yet. Can I salve order of the columns by bookmarks too? For example there's a chain with the follows columns:

Customer | Chain Suplly | Cost | Fares | ...

I'll salve at this order like Bookmark 01. After:

Chain Suplly | Customer | Cost | Fares | ...

I'll salve at this order like Bookmark 02.

Can I to do this?

Thank you very much.


Fernando Vieira
São Paulo - Brazil

-TB said...

Hi Fernando,
No, the "order" of selected fields is not saved with a bookmark. The left-to-right (or top-to-bottom) order of fields isn't important to QlikView. The bookmark saves any current selections made in any of the fields (as well as the layout state and inputfield values). You can change the order of fields yourself in many sheet objects by dragging them. But the apparent order of fields is a layout or sheet design choice unrelated to bookmarks.

Rupas Lopes said...

I could see this post was in 2010, with the new version did QV get this order saved in the bookmarks?

-TB said...

Hi Rupas,

Try it. When you make the bookmark, click the checkbox labeled Layout State. Does it do what you're thinking of?

Rupas Lopes said...

Hi Tim,
Tried it, does not work on QV version 11.20 SR11. Got to know from a QV consultant that this is a bug which got fixed in the Version 12. I shall update once we have upgrade.

Rupas Lopes