Saturday, February 23, 2013

Macro Copies Value From a Chart into a Variable

Here's an example of a method that will allow a QlikView macro to look at a value inside a sheet object like a straight table and put the value into a variable. Then the variable can be used in an expression like a text box or small chart. Most of the time, something like this could be accomplished with an expression in the variable that produces the same value as what you see in the chart. But a macro would be useful when duplicating the chart value with an expression would be difficult because of varying sort sequences or calculated dimensions in the chart, etc.

This is the macro code:

 set cell=ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH45").GetCell(1,7)
 ActiveDocument.Variables("vXTOTAL").SetContent cell.text, True 
 set cell=nothing
End Sub

This example macro is extracting a value from the totals row of the chart where the object ID is CH45 (look in the General tab of the chart properties to find the object ID). The number arguments for the GetCell method are row and column; row 1 and column 7 in this example.
Then the macro updates the value in the document variable named vXTOTAL. When written as in this example, the variable must already exist, so create the variable before executing the macro.
When I use a macro like this, I set up a trigger to execute the macro as needed, usually when a selection changes.

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