Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Select Top Ten ITEM Values

I've mentioned several times the kind of expression that you can enter into a listbox or multibox to make QlikView do more complex selections than just clicking on values. Those expressions that you begin with an equal sign, =, are actually advanced search expressions and they can be very useful. Here's one more that helps answer a question that I get many times:

If you want to select the top ten or top twenty things based on a specific criteria there is a way to do it. For example, if you have a product identifier named ITEM and you have a sales history quantity named SHist then you can select the top ten ITEM values based on the highest total sales like this - first click on the ITEM listbox to activate it or click the down arrow for ITEM on your multibox. Then start typing this expression:
and hit enter and it will have selected the top ten ITEM values based on sales history.
I'll have more to say about showing and selecting a group of things that satisfy a condition in my blog postings in August and September.
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