Friday, July 23, 2010

Export Data From QlikView Table

If you have a QlikView document already loaded with data you can export the data from any of the QlikView tables inside the document to a file. The file can either be a comma-delimited text file or a .qvd file.

From the menu, choose File->Edit Script to open up the loadscript edit window. Insert a few blank lines at the top of the loadscript. Now, type in a Store command and an Exit Script command. For example, if the table you want to export is named 2009_HISTORY then you might type:
Store 2009_HISTORY into exported_2009_history.txt (txt);
Exit Script;

Don’t save the document with the loadscript changes. It isn’t necessary. Now, from the menu choose File->Partial Reload. The partial reload will execute the store command and then exit. On a large table this might take a few minutes to write out the file.

If you wanted to export the data into a QlikView .qvd file then use (qvd) on that Store command instead of (txt). Once the file has been exported it is easy to load the qvd file into a different QlikView document.

If you only wanted to export a few fields from the table then the fields can be specified. For example, to export just a few fields from our example table we could code:
Store Material, Customer, Invoice_number from 2009_HISTORY into exported_history.txt (txt);

You can export data to a flat file from a table box, too, of course. But, sometimes, when you have a large table you can't display the entire table in a table box and this partial reload method would be your only option. The other problem with a table box is that it doesn't really display all of the rows from a table; it shows the field values whether they come from a single QlikView table or not. This partial reload method will export data from a single table only.
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Anonymous said...

This tip saved my day since the time to load from SQL Server takes more than 1 hour, thank you!