Sunday, June 27, 2010

Activate Multiple Listboxes

When I'm teaching new users about QlikView I always demonstrate how you can click on a listbox to activate it and then start typing a few characters and the values of that field containing those characters are displayed and can be easily selected. I also show them how if you start typing an expression like =Sum(Sales)>10000 it can help display and select products (or regions or salespersons or whatever) with sales greater than 10,000.

Clicking on the particular listbox to activate it is a simple but important part of the process. It is possible to activate more than one listbox at a time. And, if you do that, and start typing characters then QlikView will display the values containing those characters for all of the active listbox objects. You might not be able to hit enter and do the selections for all of the listbox fields at once because they will often interfere with each other.

The way you would activate several listbox objects at once is to click your mouse on the screen and holding the mouse button drag a "box" around the objects you want to activate. Or, you can activate all objects on the screen by pressing Ctrl-A. This feature may be useful when you are selecting multiple field values to match how they are selected in a document bookmark without implementing the entire bookmark (see the previous blog posting from June 15).
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Paul said...

This is interesting i didn't know you could do that. Have also noticed you can activate more than one listbox by holding down the shift key and clicking on them if dragging a box or Ctrl-A are not quite what you need.