Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Case of the Disappearing Object

A few weeks ago my co-worker Kim called me about a problem she was having copying a chart from one report to another. Copying any QlikView sheet object from tab to tab or report to report is very easy but she was having a problem pasting the object into a new report. There was no error message but it was obvious that the chart was not being pasted successfully.
We discussed the possibilities and I focused on security setting issues but, by the end of the call, nothing had worked.

Two hours later, Kim called me back – she had figured it out and, like many good problem solutions, it seemed so obvious in hindsight. The problem was that the object had a Show Condition defined that would make the object visible only under a specific data condition. The data in the new report was different and the condition was not satisfied. So, the object was behaving as the Show Condition directed and it was simply not visible in the new report. Now, I know to be conscious of the Show Condition when copying an object.
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Anonymous said...

this have happen to me few times.
In the past i like to create create chart with condition , but after it is hard to maintenace . Now i try to aviod them.

sven said...

this was very helpful. thank u