Thursday, September 11, 2008

Reducing Report Size

In the previous posting I showed how a table in an existing report could be changed to make the table smaller (Click here to read it). In a comment to that posting, Rob Wunderlich correctly points out that a much simpler way to make the report smaller is to select the data you are interested in retaining and then, from the menu, select File->Reduce Data->Keep Possible Values. Then save the report under a different name in case you ever want to refer to the original. Thanks for the comment, Rob. That technique is great for permanently removing data from a report for any reason, not just to make the report smaller (e.g. removing old data, sensitive, irrelevant, unneeded, or erroneous data).

The method shown in the previous posting for changing a table in an existing report is still useful for changing field values, adding or joining new fields, etc. Someday I'll have to edit that posting to a more relevant example.

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