Saturday, September 6, 2008

Checking for Loadscript Errors from the Macro code

If you are using the macro code Reload method to load data into your QlikView report you can also easily check for any loading errors. Here's an example of how that could be done. Add a small subroutine to the macro code that can check the system variable for error count like this:

Sub Check_for_errors()
'See if any load script errors occurred and report them
alarm_flag = 0
Set objvar = ActiveDocument.Variables("ScriptErrorCount")
If trim(objvar.GetContent.String) = "0" then
  'No error - hooray
  Exit Sub
  End If
alarm_flag = 1
'Here you can add any other error notification
End Sub

And then, in the subroutine that reloads the document code add an IF statement after the .Reload method something like this:

Check_for_errors 'call Check_for_errors subroutine
If alarm_flag = 1 then 'an error happened in the loadscript
  '***Exit Function or Exit Sub
  End If

In the reports I've developed there is error checking every step of the way and any error causes a notification file to be written out. If you have an email client program on the computer where the report is reloading then consider using an email notification to the report users or to a technical support person. I've sometimes sent a small notification email message to my cell phone (My favorite message is "Lassie, go for help!") so that I can be notified immediately with the bad news.

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