Saturday, May 27, 2017

Data Profile Tool

I’ve written in this blog before about how I’m often called on to validate a new data file from a client or to examine a new data extract. My first step is to load data into a copy of Steve Dark’s Data Profiler (Steve's original post is useful - search on quickintelligence data profiler). The data profiler gives me information about exactly what values exist in each of the fields.

I’ve made a few modifications to Steve’s original document:
  • Added a table box that adjusts itself to the fieldnames in the file
  • Added a small macro that updates the Statistics Box with the fieldname automatically as different fieldnames are selected. A trigger detects the change and automatically configures the Statistics Box
  • Added a tab to help search for duplicate values in either a field or combination of fields
  • A check in the loadscript to see if the file exists and if it does not exist then it opens a msgbox from the loadscript using a function

You can download an example copy of the file data profiler that I use by clicking HERE

I also keep a version of the data profiler that is tailored for loading data from an Oracle table and a version of the profiler tailored for loading data from a qvd file. I think I use the data profiler tools almost every day to examine data in files and tables to help with QlikView document design and other reporting requirements.

These two examples have no data loaded - you will have to do a reload yourself from your own data:
  • You can download an example copy of the profiler I use for qvd files by clicking HERE
  • You can download an example copy of the profiler I use for Oracle tables by clicking HERE


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McNater said...

Do you have the QVD and Oracle versions for download? I'd love to see both of those. Thanks for this!