Saturday, November 12, 2011

Replace IF in Expression with Set Analysis

We often come across chart expressions that look like this:


It is easy to understand and if your document is a normal size and working well then leave the expression alone. But, if the document is large and you are looking for ways to speed up chart performance then consider changing the expression by replacing the "if" in the expression with the much faster set analysis syntax. Remember that set analysis is related to the concept of QlikView selections. Set analysis syntax works by specifying temporary selections within the function. So, if we wanted to consider set analysis for our example expression we should imagine whether the expression would work ok if we removed the "if" from the expression and, instead, made a selection on the SLSTYPE field to select the value DOMESTIC. If the expression would work ok in that situation then we can change the expression to use set analysis like this:


We couldn't do that if the SLSTYPE field wasn't associated with SLSTOT because selecting the value DOMESTIC would have no effect on the expression. For example, if SLSTYPE had been defined in the loadscript as a Data Island unrelated to any other data then the expression wouldn't work correctly not matter how you coded the set analysis syntax within the sum function.

Another important consideration is whether or not the report is designed for users to make their own selections on the SLSTYPE field. If users are making SLSTYPE selections then they may not like an expression that overrides their selection within the expression. If the document allows user selection on the SLSTYPE field then we should define a separate field in the loadscript that will contain the exact same values as SLSTYPE and be part of the same QlikView table and same rows. Maybe call it SLSTYPE_SA and then we can code the set analysis part of our expression using the SLSTYPE_SA field and the expression will work correctly while still respecting all other user selections.

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Qlikview said...

I think its a great work done.

Aaron Couron said...

I have been tripped up on the issue of set analysis not working right on a field that is also selectable. Something that is definitely overlooked in most commentary and training on SA. Good analysis.

Anonymous said...

İf generally faster than set ... Set exp just a powerfull tooll you can not make somethings with if ... That would be right approach .. Look at your calc time ...