Tuesday, December 9, 2008

QlikView Tutorial

People often come across this blog when they are searching the web for information about how to use QlikView. If you have a working copy of QlikView on your computer then you already have links to excellent information. Start up the QlikView application and look at the start page -- click Resources and you should see something like the picture on the left. Those links will take you to current information about QlikView. There's a lot of basic info but it isn't just for beginners - I never fail to find something new and useful in the QlikTech and QlikCommunity websites.

If you don't have a working copy of QlikView or can't find the start page then follow this link: Click here for QlikView Information
or follow this link to the QlikCommunity: Click here for QlikCommunity

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gilles said...

Hi, I just started a blog about Qlikview and have a link to your site in my blogroll.

Maybe you are willing to put a link to my blog at your blog!

Happy Blogging!