Monday, March 4, 2013

Make a Copy of a Cycle Group

I sometimes build cycle groups with more than a dozen calculated dimension expressions and labels that are text expressions. It used to irritate me when I needed to make copies of those cycle groups (like when I need a very similar group for a chart with two or more dimensions or a separate group for a graph which may be a little different from a group used for a straight table). Copying the cycle group was a time-consuming chore going back and forth copying and pasting.

Here's a macro you can copy into the module code of a QlikView document that will allow you to easily make copies of a cycle group. I got the code for this macro originally on QlikCommunity and modified it to use input boxes to ask for the cycle group names. It has been been very useful - I usually just copy it into a document temporarily when I need to make duplicate cycle groups and remove the macro afterwards. As always, you should make a backup copy of your document before making major updates or running macros that do updates.

Sub RunCopyCycleGroup
CGName=inputbox("Enter name of cycle group to copy:")
if trim(CGName)="" then 'no entry or cancel
  exit sub
  end if
NewName=inputbox("Enter name for copy of "&CGName&":")
if trim(NewName)="" then 'no entry or cancel
  exit sub
  end if
Call CopyCycleGroup(CGName, NewName)
End Sub
Sub CopyCycleGroup(CGName, NewName)
' /* Copy cycle group. OK if NewName exists. */
Set SrcGrp = ActiveDocument.GetGroup(CGName)
Set SrcProps = SrcGrp.GetProperties
Set NewGrp = ActiveDocument.GetGroup(NewName)
If NewGrp Is Nothing Then
  Set NewGrp = ActiveDocument.CreateGroup(NewName)
  Set NewProps = NewGrp.GetProperties
  for i = 1 to NewProps.FieldDefs.Count
    NewGrp.RemoveField 0
  End If
Set NewProps = NewGrp.GetProperties
NewProps.FieldDefs.CopyFrom SrcProps.FieldDefs
NewProps.IsCyclic = SrcProps.IsCyclic
NewProps.Labels = SrcProps.Labels
NewProps.Present = SrcProps.Present
NewProps.SortCriterias.CopyFrom SrcProps.SortCriterias
NewGrp.SetProperties NewProps
msgbox CGName&" copied to "&NewName
End Sub

I have also posted a macro that will copy a cycle group from one document to another, separate document (search on "Macro to Copy a Cycle Group From One Document to Another").


perumal said...

Hi TB,
Thanks for valuable post.
is possible copy Cyclic Group of one application to another application

-TB said...

Hi Perumal,
I hope to write about that in my next blog post.
Thanks for your comment.